Best Cough Syrups in India.

Best Cough Syrups in India.

According to a website “cough is a sudden expulsion of air through the large

breathing that can clear them of irritants, foreign particles and microbes”. It is

supposed to protect your lungs by bringing out dirt through windpipe.

Cough can be treated through different syrups. Pharma Drugs and Chemicals

provide a wide range of cough syrups which heal your throat infection and

suppresses cough. Few of cough syrups are discussed below to guide you:

Kansinil Syrup:

Kansinil is the cough syrup which is honey based. The best thing about Kansinil is

that it is honey based remedy. Honey is best for treating cough. It helps to

suppress cough. Honey is considered reliable remedy for soothing tract. Due to

cough, people find difficult to sleep and get distrub very much. Honey also helps

to sleep better. One more good thing about Kansinil Syrup is that it is an

herbal syrup. So, this is free from any side effects.

InKuf Syrup:

Inkuf is another cough syrup which is very effective. Usually, it happens that

when we take cough syrup, we feel so lethargic. After taking cough syrup, we

don’t want to do any work. But Inkuf Syrup does not let you feel lazy. This

cough syrup does not cause somnolence. Infact, it quickly heals your throat

infection. It can be used for unisex.

Kof Mol-LS:

Pharmaceutical products are not always available in good taste. They are

sometimes so bitter to take in. Children do not take syrups due to unpleasant

taste. If you are worried that your child is sick and does not agree to take

medicine, Kofmol LS is the best choice for you. You can easily give it to your

child because it is orange flavoured cough syrup.

Furthermore, Kofmol-LS is “Guaiphenesin and Levosalbutamol syrup”. According

to Dr. Sharma “Levosalbutamol or levosalbuterol is a bronchodilator. It works by relaxing your muscles in airways and widens your airways. This makes breathing


Khansija Cough Syrup:

 Khansija syrup also helps in reducing cough. It contains :

● Sodium Citrate.

● Ammonium Chloride.

● Menthol.

Sodium Citrate helps to break mucus and brings out phlegm through throat.

Ammonium Chloride is a solid crystalline which reduce wheezing and also helps to

alleviate cough. Menthol is also very beneficial for reducing cough. According to

a study “Menthol provides relief from nasal congestion by causing cool sensation

in the nose”. It also relieves in sore throat.


Capcold-DS is another flavoured cough syrup by Pharma Drugs and Chemicals.

You can easily take this syrup because it has strawberry flavour. It also

suppresses cough. Its ingredients are :

● Cetirizine Hydrochloride.

● Paracetamol suspension.

During flu,it is very difficult to deal with a runny nose. You cannot do your work

easily. It disturbs you all the time. Cetirizine is very helpful to deal with allergy

symptoms like a runny nose, watery eyes and itching in throat.

It is very common to have fever in cold.Capcold-DS is a Paracetamol suspension

which helps to reduce fever and lessens muscle pain and headache.

So, this is a wide range of cough syrup offered by Pharma Drugs and Chemicals.

They are highly effective and available in most of the drugstore of India. These

syrups are highly recommended by doctors. You don’t need to worry about the

cost of syrups. They are affordable.

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